Data Science

Analyze productive hours from git punches

Git logs can tell our history, when and what we were working on. So let's use that to analyze our productivity.


Insights of git repository using git-quick-stats

It's interesting to get insights from our git repository like contributions stats, commits per author, commits per month/week/date, code reviewers. There is an interesting tool called git-quick-stats to help generating these insights.


Audit Driven Development [ADD] using lighthouse

Audits are tried and tested way to ensure that we are following best practices and conforming to high standards. So why not use these audits as our goal and strive towards scoring 100/100 on audits...


Google sheets as realtime database or CMS

Spreadsheets have served as databases in the past and are quiet convenient to use for simple cases when there isn't much complexity involved. Google sheets is a powerful tool as it integrates easily with various services. Let's try using it as a CMS...