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Audit Driven Development [ADD] using lighthouse

Audits are tried and tested way to ensure that we are following best practices and conforming to high standards. So why not use these audits as our goal and strive towards scoring 100/100 on audits.
Google has created a superb auditing tool called Lighthouse.

This tool runs some tests on your web page and let you know what best practices are present and what is missing. So it’s actually a TDD (test driven development) where the tests are written by google’s team. It’s simple to run this audit on your web page and check the results.

I used these audits to find what are the best practices which I am missing in my travel-blog website and then implemented them.
Now my blog scores 100/100 in this audit. Yey!!

Lighthouse audit report 100% score

Here’s the link to see the audit report in detail

Bonus- This also helped me bring my website to 3rd number in google search if someone searches "travel blog ayush sharma".

- Ayush 🙂