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Insights of git repository using git-quick-stats

It's interesting to get insights from our git repository like contributions stats, commits per author, commits per month/week/date, code reviewers.
There is an interesting tool called git-quick-stats to help generating these insights.

It's straightforward to install on linux, mac by following these steps. However, on windows it's bit tricky, hence follow these steps-

  1. Download git-quick-stats file (either clone this repo or just that single file).
  2. Put this file in some path which is added in path environment variable.
  3. Open global .gitconfig file and add this alias
  4. [alias]
      quick-stats = ! c:/cli-tools/git-quick-stats
    ofcourse adjust the path above to the one you have.
  5. Or you can perform step 3 and 4 using command
    git config --global alias.quick-stats '! c:/cli-tools/git-quick-stats
  6. cd into the git repo for which you want to see the insights and run git quick-stats

That's all! play with the options and generate the required stats.

Available git-quick-stats

- Ayush 🙂