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My Search for Free SQL Database Hosting ends at Supabase

Looking for a serverless type of completely managed database hosting with enough limits for a begginer use case. My search ends at Supabase.

Features to consider

  • Developer friendly interface.
  • Easy to setup and get started quickly.
  • Along with DB, it also provides auth, storage, edge functions and analytics as well.
  • Ready to use javascript and other languages APIs to read and write to the database directly from that front-end. Thus, no need to create a backend for simple queries. This is the best feature which allows direct interaction with the database.
  • Directly from supabase dashboard you can run SQL queries against the DB and alter tables right away from supabase UI. Thus, you can basically do all the DB Administration from the supabase dashboard.
  • All the features of PostgreSQL are available to use.

Points to be careful

  • Comparitively new platform and may not be suitable for large enterprises.
  • Expensive for large scale database with high traffic.
  • Check on the availability zones.
  • Pay per use kind of pricing plans are missing so if you need something like that then better to look for alternatives.

Other Perks

  • Authentication and authorization support is also available in their plans.
  • Edge functions are available as well thus if you need to add some business logics and query the database accordingly then these edge functions are also available in the plan and will be helpful.
  • Storage like S3 object storage is also available in the plan and can be used.

I hope this was helpful. Thanks! Let me know your feedback/suggestions in the comments.

- Ayush 🙂