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HTML Templates and Themes

Collection of free and premium resources of html templates and themes. Basically some ready to use stuff instead of writing front-end from scratch.

  1. HTML5 Up https://html5up.net/
  2. Start Bootstrap https://startbootstrap.com/
  3. Templated.co https://templated.co/
  4. Free HTML5 https://freehtml5.co/
  5. Colorlib https://colorlib.com/wp/templates
  6. Zero Theme https://www.zerotheme.com/
  7. Styleshout https://www.styleshout.com/free-templates
  8. HTML5xCSS3 https://www.html5xcss3.com/
  9. Admin UI Themes https://athemes.com/collections/free-bootstrap-admin-templates/
  10. Ecommerce Themes https://themewagon.com/free-html-ecommerce-templates-html5-bootstrap
  11. Theme Forest https://themeforest.net/
  12. Template Monster
  13. Pixelarity https://pixelarity.com/

- Ayush 🙂