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SCSS Mixin For Media Queries

Simple solution for writing media queries using a SCSS mixin.

  1. First declare the breakpoints.
$breakpoint-small: '360px';
$breakpoint-medium: '720px';
$breakpoint-large: '1080px';
  1. Use this media query mixin.
@mixin mediaQuery($query) {
  $queries: (
    small-only: '(max-width: #{$breakpoint-small})',
    medium-only: '(min-width: #{$breakpoint-small}) and (max-width: #{$breakpoint-medium})',
    large-only: '(min-width: #{$breakpoint-medium}) and (max-width: #{$breakpoint-large})',
    medium-up: '(min-width: #{$breakpoint-small})',
    large-up: '(min-width: #{$breakpoint-medium})',

  @if map-has-key($queries, $query) {
    // Get the query value from the map.
    $query-value: map-get($queries, $query);

    // Write the media query.
    @media #{$query-value} {
  } @else {
    // Log a warning if the media query doesn't exist in the map.
    @warn 'Invalid media query: #{$query}.';
  1. Now use this mixin to write your media queries
@include mediaQuery(small-only) {
  font-size: $text-small;

@include mediaQuery(medium-up) {
  font-size: $text-medium;

That's all! Simple and elegant way of writing media queries and making sure our pages are responsive.

Let me know your feedback/suggestions in the comments.

- Ayush 🙂