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Responsive Masonry Layout

Do you know what is the name of this layout? Masonry Layout

Sometimes knowing the correct name helps a lot in solving the problem, because googling with correct name can give the results we need.
I was creating a layout with list of items of uneven height and width and handling the dynamic list of such items and making sure it is responsive needs a bit of both CSS and JS.
After many hours I was finally able to achieve it but then I came to know the name that it is called Masonry Layout.

And googling with Masonry layout I got ready to use lib code with which this can be achieved in minutes with ease.

I picked Colcade which was apt for my need and within minutes the layout was looking good.

Here's the beautiful Preview

You may also check out the underlying code here

Feel free to add your suggestions and feedback in the comments below.

- Ayush 🙂