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Kheer Ganga

Where God meditates

Located in the Parvati Valley, this is a mystical place which we should not just visit but stay there for some days.

Kheer-ganga trek route image

About the place

Kheer Ganga is popular destination among young travellers, who do not stop at Kasol, Manikarn or Tosh but take an offbeat step to the villages of Kalgha or Nakthan and then trek to Kheer Ganga. The best part of the trek is the beautiful journey rather than the destination. Because the journey consist of wonderful semi-frozen waterfalls, deadly gorges, blue water of Parvati river, huge rocks, sound of running water, wind and might be some bird or animal is all we hear. I choose to avoid headphones.

Upon reaching Kheer Ganga, there is just one trademark place to visit, that is the natural hot water spring pond and adjacent Shiva temple. Taking bath here is heavenly bliss, let that magical natural hot water with minerals treat you while you enjoy the scenic beauty. Even in night I would prefer to just lay there and watch the sky.Apart from this there are small caves nearby, called Karthikeyan and Pandav gufa. There is a myth that Shiva meditated here for 3000 years and looking at availability of natural water and cave for shelter one cannot deny the fact that ages ago it must be a perfect escape to spend years in solitude. Stories and character of lord Shiva feels lively when we surrender ourselves to this mesmerizing valley.

Kheer-ganga hot water pond image

Getting there

Nearby town with amenities and road connection is Barsheni. One can reach Barsheni by road, you can even drive your own car, bike there and park it near the Barsheni Dam. Journey from Barsheni Dam to Kheer Ganga will be on foot. Prefer the Kalgha route, however in winters or if you are anticipating walking few km in low light then locals usually advice Nakthan route. Avoid walking in night, its risky and there is danger of wild animals.

Kheer-ganga trek route

When to visit

We can visit this place at any time of the year, each season brings it's own beauty. In summers, it's crowd up there. Immediately after rain, the waterfalls along the way are in their full glory and there is more greenery around. Winter brings up some challenges and there might be slippery snow making the trek difficult especially if we choose Kalgha route. However, the scenic beauty will be amazing and the nights will be extremely cold.

Let me know your comments and feedback.

Happy travelling and lots of love,

- Ayush 🙂